Breathe in the Good. Filter out the Bad.

Advanced Air Filtration

Protecting You

Our patent-pending nanofiber technology targets 95% efficiency at 0.3 microns.

Filti Face Masks

Surgical Face Masks and NF95 Respirators
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Breathe in the Good

Nanofiber Material

Filter Material and High Efficiency Inserts
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Protecting Your Loved Ones

Our nanofiber material has exceptional air flow to ensure the safest and cleanest breathable air.

Filter out the Bad

Protecting Your Home

Protect Your Home

Our nanofiber media captures the smallest particulate matter including bacteria, viruses, PM 2.5, smoke, allergens, and other harmful airborne particles.

HVAC Filters

Washable Furnace Filter and 9500 Home Filter
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Filtration You Can Trust

Filter with Pride

Breathe with Confidence

100% Made in the USA


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