Do you want to find the best HVAC filter for tenants? In some homes, poor air quality can be a primary cause of concern. But choosing the best HVAC filter for tenants can help.

The best HVAC filter for tenants should be able to trap air pollutants, including dust and pet dander while improving indoor air quality. For example, the AIRx Health 1-Inch MERV 13 Furnace Filters has an excellent MERV 13 suitable for removing up to 90% of air pollutants. However, suppose you’re looking for a low-cost filter. In that case, the Filter Clean Living Basic Dust Filter is affordable and high quality.

When you first move into a new property, the best HVAC filter for tenants is generally not the first item that comes to mind. But choosing the best HVAC filter for tenants is undoubtedly essential for keeping your home free of air particle pollution.

Below are our top picks for the best HVAC filter for tenants. We chose these filters based on how effectively they capture and remove air pollutants. We also considered the thickness, MERV rating, and intended use.

8 Best HVAC Filter for Tenants

You’ve probably spent time searching for the best HVAC filter for tenants. The reason is that you want to make sure you get the perfect filter to suit your needs. The nice thing about HVAC filters is that they come in different sizes and types to suit any use. Here are the seven best HVAC filters for tenants. 

Best HVAC Filters for TenantsFeatures
Filti 9500 ViroShield– MERV 16 rating
– Patented nanofiber technology
– Subscription options available
AIRx Health 1-Inch MERV 13– MERV 16 rating
– Helps airflow
Filter Clean Living Basic Dust Filter– MERV 5 rating
– Good for large airborne particles
FilterBuy Silver Furnace Filter– MERV 8 rating
– Temps up to 200 degrees
Best Hvac Filter For Tenants

1. Filti 9500 ViroShield Nanofiber HVAC Filter 

This is undoubtedly the best HVAC filter for tenants. Upgrade your home to the best furnace and air filter, the 9500 Filter. This furnace and whole-home air filter can capture up to 95% of airborne particles at 0.3 microns using revolutionary nanofiber filtering technology. This protects your family from viruses, bacteria, allergies, and sneeze nuclei. So breathe in clean, healthy air and enjoy a more comfortable home environment. 


Improved Air Quality

The filter is highly efficient, with MERV 16 rating, and filters out airborne particulate matter that the average disposable filter does not. This is accomplished through the use of state-of-the-art nanofiber technology. Filtration on steroids. Inhale clean and healthy air.

Nanofiber Technology

Nanofiber captures ultrafine pollutants, and scrim acts as an additional reinforcement. An engineered melt-blown design with a 3-layer composition increases dust collection capacity.


Made in the USA

Manufactured 100% in the United States.

2. AIRx Health 1-Inch MERV 13 Furnace Filters

Thanks to its excellent all-around efficiency and high MERV rating, this filter is on our list. This is the perfect filter if you suffer from allergies or breathing problems. Installing an AIRx Health 1-Inch MERV 13 Furnace Filters will drastically improve the quality of your home. 

Product Specs

AIRx Health 1-Inch MERV 13 Furnace Filters has the highest MERV rating of 13. This means it will capture and remove microscopic particles such as bacteria.

It features pleated frames, providing better airflow without straining your HVAC system. Plus, it also has in-built health filters to protect you from small particles such as dust and allergens. This makes it an excellent choice for tenants suffering from allegories. 

To top it off, it has an electrostatic fiber that helps attract and trap more harmful air pollutants. This is useful to provide your place with an extra layer of protection from dirt particles.

What’s more, it’s made from durable, heavy-duty material with a moisture-resistant to prevent any mold growth.

3. Filter Clean Living Basic Dust Filter

This is a good choice if you’re looking for an affordable but high-quality filter to remove dust and allergy-causing particles

Filtrete filters are reliable with an excellent all-around reputation in the air filtration industry. You can be sure that this filter is one of the best HVAC filter for renters that will also ensure the longevity of the HVAC system. What’s more, it will improve the air quality of your place while reducing your energy costs.

Product Specs

Coming in packs of 6, it lasts longer, making it cost-effective. It’s compatible with a high-performance HVAC system, meaning it won’t compromise the efficiency of your system.

The low MERV rating of 5 can only capture large particles such as allergens. Having an MPR of 300, this filter will effectively protect your HVAC system from debris that would otherwise build up. The electrostatically charged fibers also help to attract large airborne particles such as dust. 

4. FilterBuy Silver Furnace Filter

One of the best HVAC filters for renters that won’t break the bank. It’s classified with a Class 2 by the Underwriters Laboratories. This solidifies its high efficiency and excellent quality.

Product Specs

With a MERV rating of 8, it’s capable of trapping dust, dander, pollen, and other microscopic particles. It will effectively prevent any dirt blockage in your HVAC system. You’re also protected from 90% of air pollutants that would otherwise be circulating in your home.

That said, the frames are made of a beverage board. Therefore, it can withstand high temperatures of up to 200 degrees Fahrenheit. That’s why it’s an excellent option for homes prone to high humidity. It’s also available in several sizes, compatible with most HVAC systems. 

With 14 pleats per square foot, it has upped the surface area coverage. Therefore it can trap more particles and has a longer lifespan.  

5. Nordic Pure 4

This is the go-to filter if you have pets because it effectively removes pet dander from your furry friend. It is hypoallergenic and has an antimicrobial material. This great addition prevents bacteria and viruses from circulating in your home.

With the Nordic Pure 4, you don’t have to constantly change it either. Because it’s durable, it’s built to withstand a lot of pressure, and it can last longer. 

Product Specs

It is made of electrostatic fibers and can effectively attract and remove harmful air pollutants. We love that it can trap dust, pollen, and allergy-causing particles. 

In addition, it is designed with recycled materials, making it eco-friendly. With a MERV rating of 12, this filter works to capture even the smallest particles. 

6. Lennox X66673 Filter Media MERV 11

Lennox has a superb reputation for making high-quality HVAC filters, including this one. This filter should be cleaned at least every six months for the best efficiency and a longer lifespan.

Product Specs

As an electrostatically charged filter, it can attract and capture dust and other harmful air particles as small as 0.3 microns. That means it can trap and remove pet dander, pollen, and other allergens. 

Compared to an average 30-days lifespan, Lennox X66673 Filter Media MERV 11 can last up to 6 months. Unfortunately, because it comes in 4-inch and 8-inch, it is not compatible with most HVAC systems. However, this is also an advantage because it can capture more air pollutants. 

The MERV rating of 11 also means capturing up to 90% of dirt particles in the air. Capturing more dirt particles allows your HVAC system to function at peak efficiency with less resistance. 

7. Filtrete AC Furnace Air Filter

If you have allergies or experience breathing problems, the Filtrete AC furnace air filter is a must-buy. It’s also a good option if you live in a heavily polluted or densely populated urban area. Although you don’t need to change it frequently, buying a pack is cost-effective because you get a discount.

Product Specs 

With a MERV 11, this filter can capture and remove pet dander that can cause allergies or breathing issues. Additionally, the MERV rating classifies this filter as capable of trapping and removing up to 85% of air pollutants. It can also filter out smoke which is fantastic if you live in a heavily polluted area. 

Filtrete AC Furnace Air Filter comes in a dozen sizes and packs that can be used in many HVAC systems. 

8. Filterbuy Allergen Odor Eliminator Air Filter

Filterbuy has a reputation for manufacturing HVAC filters suited for any purpose. This is, without a doubt, one of the best HVAC filters in our lineup. And Filterbuy Allergen Odor Eliminator Air filter can last up to three months before the next replacement.  

Product Specs

This filter comes in a pack of four, each containing 20 inches by 24 inches. You also get customization options. It comes in a 1-inch thickness to fit in most HVAC systems.

Pleated and made of a carbon charcoal frame, it is designed to capture and remove odors and gases such as VOCs. The filter has a sturdy metallic reinforcement built around a mesh. It also contains a cardboard material surrounding the edges and frame for durability.  

Filterbuy Allergen Odor Eliminator Air filter has a MERV rating of 8, effectively capturing small particles such as lint and pet dander. Plus, it is ideal for removing odors from smoke, cooking, and more. 

Tenant Changing Air Filter

How to Choose the Best HVAC Filter for Tenants

Choosing the best HVAC filter for tenants is not an easy task. However, you can choose the best HVAC filter for tenants to suit your needs when you know what to look out for. That said, here are some factors to consider when choosing the best HVAC filter for tenants. 

MERV Rating

The MERV rating refers to the effectiveness of an HVAC filter. A high MERV rating typically means the filter is more effective when choosing the best HVAC filer for tenants. As a result, it can capture and remove small and large harmful particles. 

MERV rating also determines the purpose of the HVAC filter. If the HVAC filter has a lower MERV rating, it can be used in commercial and residential buildings. 

Whereas if the filter has a higher MERV rating of greater than 13, it can be used in hospitals and industrial buildings. When choosing the best HVAC filter for your home, stick to a MERV rating that is appropriate for your HVAC System and the activities performed.

Filter Type 

Choosing the correct type of HVAC filter is essential to ensure it meets your air quality needs. There are different HVAC filters: fiberglass, pleated, electrostatic filters, and more.

Fiberglass HVAC filters are more affordable. However, they typically have a low MERV rating of 1-4. They are usually not the most effective at capturing and removing small particles. Pleated HVAC filters are the best for capturing small and large particles such as dust, allergens, and mold spores. 

Electrostatic HVAC filters are top of the line. They are often a great choice for homeowners because they attract more particles.

Filter Efficiency 

Check the MERV rating to determine the efficiency of your HVAC filter. In general, the higher the MERV rating, the better the efficiency in capturing and removing air pollutants.

Filter Thickness

Before buying an HVAC filter, consider the thickness of the filter. Thicknesses can range from 1 inch to 4 inches.

Make sure you know the measurements of the filter you require to get the correct size. If the filter does not fit properly, unfiltered air may circulate in your home.

You can find the exact thickness requirement in the manual or on the labels on your HVAC system. It’s crucial to select the proper filter thickness because the wrong filter might strain your HVAC system.

Filter Size

First, before choosing the best HVAC filter for renters, you need to determine what size your HVAC system takes. Sizes differ. For example, some filters come in 16 inches by 20 inches or 20 inches by 25 inches. 

Check the HVAC manual to find out the size your HVAC filter takes. This is where the size requirement is listed. It’s essential to ensure you get the size right because the filter needs to fit correctly. Otherwise, the HVAC system won’t function effectively if it doesn’t.

Air Filters For Tenants

Best HVAC Filters for Tenants Conclusion

Consider the MERV rating, filter size, and thickness when choosing the best HVAC filter for tenants. This will ensure that you get the most out of your purchase. However, when choosing the best HVAC filter for renters, you need to consider your air quality requirements.

Just be sure to change your filter as specified to keep your HVAC system well maintained and performing at an optimum level. The HVAC filters we recommended are some of the best on the market for tenants. 

You can contact our experts for more information or browse our entire catalog of HVAC filters in stock, whatever your needs. That said, we hope you use this guide for your next HVAC filter shopping endeavor. Thanks for checking out the best HVAC filter for tenants.

FAQ’s about Best HVAC Filter for Tenants

Is It Possible to Recycle HVAC Filters?

Even though some HVAC filters are made of recyclable materials, you can’t recycle them. After all, you won’t want to give someone else an old, filthy HVAC filter. If you want to be environmentally conscious, you can buy a washable filter.

How Do You Clean a Washable HVAC Filter?

The simplest way to wash an HVAC filter is to use a cloth. Simply remove any dirt on and inside the HVAC filter. It is vital to wash the HVAC filter regularly and thoroughly. In addition, never reinstall a wet filter into the HVAC system. It could lead to mold growth.

How Much Do HVAC Filters Cost? 

Various factors determine the price of an HVAC filter. The cost of an HVAC filter can be affected by the brand, type of HVAC filter, MERV rating, and more. For example, HVAC filters with a higher MERV rating may be more expensive. An HVAC filter can cost anywhere from $5 to $50 on average. Some brands offer discounts on bulk purchases.

Is a 1-Inch Filter Better Than a 4-Inch?

It’s not quite that simple. A 1-inch filter has a larger surface area and can trap more dust particles. However, it decreases airflow. As a result, your HVAC system may have to work harder. Whereas a 4-inch filter has the least surface area, it can trap larger but not smaller particles. However, it will also not put an undue burden on your HVAC system.

How Do I Know if My HVAC Filter Is Dirty?

First and foremost, the best way to know if your HVAC filter is dirty is by simply checking. Check your HVAC filter every two to three weeks. Make sure there is no dust or dirt visible in the filter. Poor performance and a weird burning odor emanating from the filter are further signs that your HVAC filter is dirty.

How Does an HVAC Filter Work?

HVAC filters capture and remove air pollutants such as dirt and dust from accumulating throughout your home and HVAC system. There are different types of HVAC filters. They also differ in terms of MERV rating, size, thickness, efficiency, and other factors.

Can an HVAC System Run Without an HVAC Filter?

Yes, but only under certain conditions. You can incur a couple of risks if you run your HVAC system without a filter for an extended time. Because there is no filter, dirt, dust, and other potentially harmful particles can become trapped in the ductwork. Since the dirty particles are not filtered, they can simply be recirculated back into your home.

Why Is It Important to Have the Best HVAC Filter? 

With the best HVAC filter in your system, air pollutants in your home will be reduced. The best filter also ensures that your HVAC system operates at peak efficiency. This means it can filter out more air contaminants. Additionally, it can improve the air quality in your home.

How Often Does My HVAC Filter Need Change?

The frequency your HVAC filter needs to be changed depends on several factors. For example, it varies based on the type of filter and environment you are living in. Most HVAC filters have guidelines on how often they need to be cleaned. When you purchase an HVAC filter, check the labels or manual for specific instructions. However, if the filter is dirty, change it right away. 

How Do Replace My HVAC Filters?

To change an HVAC filter, call a professional to assist you. If an agreement has been reached with the manufacturer, they will arrange the replacement. The process to change your air filter is simple. Take it out through the air handler vents if you want to do it yourself. Before you go out and get a new filter, make sure you measure the old one. Use these measurements to buy the correct size.

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