Smoke Pollution Safety Tips

Smoke Pollution Safety Tips-Filti

When it comes to smoke pollution safety tips, there are a lot. But which are the best and easy to follow? One of the best smoke pollution safety tips is simply limiting exposure to smoke pollution. Stay indoors if you can, especially on high smoke pollution days. Add more green plants to your home or […]

US States With The Cleanest Air

States With The Cleanest Air

Living in one of the US states with the cleanest air is vital for your health. According to the American Lung Association, 4 in 10 Americans live in areas with toxic air. When exposed to contaminated air for prolonged periods, it can cause severe heart and lung problems.  The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) monitors air […]

Indoor Vs Outdoor Air Pollution

Indoor Vs Outdoor Air Pollution

What comes to mind when you think of indoor vs outdoor air pollution? How do they compare? Understanding the difference between indoor vs outdoor air pollution is the most effective strategy to limit its impact on your health. Indoor air pollution is caused by smog, tobacco smoke, and household products. It is found in higher […]

Does Your Blood Type Impact Your Risk of Air Pollution?

Blood Type

Did you know that your blood type could increase your risk of heart attack after being exposed to poor indoor air quality?  Although the science around air pollution focuses on the dangers of exposure to certain airborne contaminants and how to reduce the risks associated, a recent study is suggesting individuals with certain blood types […]

Expecting Moms And The Impact of Air Pollution

Pregnancy And The Impact Of Pollution

For many years, experts have examined the effects of pollution on pregnancy and the possible negative consequences of pollution on expecting moms and their newborns. Unfortunately, the prognosis is becoming worse with each discovery. This article goes over a few things every expecting mother should know about air quality, pollution, and how to reduce or […]

School Absence Rates – The Impact of Air Pollution

Filti - School Absence

Scientists and educators in the United States have long been concerned about the number of students exposed to hazardous amounts of airborne contaminants at school. Air pollution is especially troublesome when schools are built near major roads and industrial zones with high pollution levels. Unfortunately, because many schools are already struggling to offer essential services […]

Toxic Air Pollutants: How to Prevent and Reduce Exposure

Reducing Air Pollutants

Throughout our day-to-day lives, we are all exposed to many health dangers. Driving a car, traveling on an airplane, participating in leisure activities, and being exposed to pollutants represent varying degrees of danger. Some dangers are inescapable, while we accept others since changing would limit our capacity to live our lives as we see fit. […]

Air Quality Monitoring and Technology Today

Satellite Monitoring

There are several methods for measuring air quality! Today, many technologies are available to measure our air quality. These technologies include traditional reference-grade FRM/FEM monitors, mobile air quality sensors, low-cost stationary sensors, satellite monitoring technology, as well as alternative monitoring to successfully identify air pollution sources. As the push for improved data on air quality […]

House Painting and VOCs – Reducing the Health Impacts

Off Gassing Unhealthy Compounds

VOC is an abbreviation for “volatile organic compound.” VOCs may be found in various building products and are partly to blame for that new paint odor. Unfortunately, these unstable compounds emit fumes that are highly hazardous to humans and the environment, which is why the government has begun to regulate them. Because VOCs are prevalent […]

Asthma: Causes, Symptoms, and Management


Asthma affects around 25 million individuals in the United States. Though symptoms are manageable, changes in the weather and your daily activities might introduce new triggers, resulting in asthma flare-ups. For example, when the temperature drops during the winter, we spend more time indoors. Understanding how this may influence your asthma is essential to improved […]