Although you may clean your home on a regular basis, bacteria can be anywhere. If it builds up, you could end up with many problems. Depending upon the type of bacteria, and where it is located, this could lead to people becoming sick. You may have the best air filtration system, yet if it is not able to filter bacteria, they may simply be spread around. That’s why it is important to use high quality filters with the HVAC system that you have in your household. Here are the top places that common bacteria could be in your home, and ways for you to eliminate them.


Common Places That Bacteria Can Exist in Your Home

When most people think of places in their home where bacteria could be, they often think of the bathroom. They may perceive that their toilet is the most likely candidate for where they exist. However, bacteria can be in many other places.  And, if they are not removed, they can multiply rapidly and spread like a contagion. These places may include your toothbrush holder, kitchen sink, and bathroom faucet handles. Even your bathroom towel that you use every day is a place where bacteria can breed. It is common for bacteria to grow extensively in your coffee maker. Do you have a dog? There are likely bacteria that are in their food and water dish.


The Most Likely Places for Bacteria in The Kitchen

The kitchen can be one of the most likely places for bacteria to breed and grow. This is because we will process food and beverages at this location. If you use your cutting board regularly, this is an opportune place for bacteria to multiply rapidly. A refrigerator can also be a large incubator for bacteria. If you have ever turned off your refrigerator, and opened it weeks later, you may see black mold inside. Even your kitchen sink and countertops are perfect breeding grounds for these organisms. To make sure that bacteria do not spread in your home, you should consider Filti n95 home air filters.  These filters are HEPA grade filters made of nanofiber technology and have a MERV rating of 16.




What Type of Bacteria Are the Most Common in A Home?

There are four types of bacteria that are extremely common within a household. Staphylococcus, Micrococcus, Pseudomonas, and Bacillus are the most common types. 



 You can reduce the probability of infections happening from these airborne bacteria by cleaning regularly and also using a state-of-the-art HVAC system and HVAC Filter.


Will Cleaning Regularly Eliminate Bacteria Completely?

It is highly unlikely that regular cleaning, even with Clorox or bleach, can lead to the complete elimination of bacteria. That is because they can get into hard to reach places in your home. You may not be able to clean there, and because of that, you could have a significant bacterial outbreak. Any one of those types of bacteria can lead to health issues. If you are cleaning regularly, but people are still getting sick, this is caused by them breathing the bacteria in. To virtually eliminate this possibility, the filters used in your heating ventilation and air conditioning unit should be high quality.  


Cleaning Bacteria Removal


Why Your Air Filtration System Matters

Bacteria are so small that they can easily be carried on air currents. If you have central air in your home, they can sometimes pass through the filtration system and go to other areas of your household. You can wear a mask to prevent the potential of inhaling them, but it is better to simply stop them before they become airborne. That is why wiping down your counter, kitchen sink, and cleaning your bathroom regularly is so important. Yet there are still places where they can multiply and get into the air. That is why your HVAC filter must be designed to even kill bacteria. 


Quality HVAC Filtration to Eliminate Bacteria

Bacteria can be prolific within any household. This is true, even if you are cleaning every day. If you cook a lot of food in the kitchen, or if you do not clean your bathroom regularly, there is the possibility that airborne bacteria can cause sickness.


Breathing Bacteria


When bacteria are present in a home, the risk of illness increases exponentially.  And, if the filtration you use does not trap bacteria, it will pass through your HVAC system.  This means that it is in the air in your home.  The use of a filter that traps bacteria such as the Filti 9500 can help keep you and your family healthy.   Clean air means better health and better health means a longer more enjoyable life!  


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