Washable Filter

Over its lifetime, a single Filti Washable Filter can replace multiple disposable filters AND Filtis are constructed with our own patent-pending Nanofiber filtering technology. If you want to save money, reduce waste and have better air quality in your home, get a Filti.

why choose our washable filter?

Cost Savings
Superior Quality

Save Our Planet

Customer reviews

What a deal! This filter has been a game changer. As a husband, it’s so nice that I don’t have to continuously buy new filters since I am just able to reuse these. 5 Stars for Filti!

I was having a terrible bout with allergies... I installed the filter and within a couple days I started to notice that my eyes weren't as itchy and I wasn't sneezing as much. So far, so good.

Fits well and now I feel ready for allergies and wildfire smoke. This seems to be well made and solid and it fits my HVAC perfectly, replacing the usual 20x20 disposable filter.

The Washable Solution

Clean your Filti Washable Filter in a matter of minutes with our new proprietary washable solution. This plant-based cleaner is designed to remove dirt and dust from your filter. It quickly eliminates grime and buildup from particles. Formulated to reduce the surface tension of water and allows for a complete rinse – leaving your filter refreshingly clean and NEW again!

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