protecting yourself from bad particles

Highly Efficient

protecting yourself from bad particles

High Efficiency

Patent pending nanofiber technology that captures the smallest particles including bacteria, viruses, smoke, mold, auto fumes and many more.

guaranteed air flow

Guaranteed Airflow

guaranteed air flow

Guaranteed Air Flow

The ultra fine network of nanofiber mechanically filters pollutants allowing for the most optimal air flow throughout your filter and home.

depth filtration

Depth Filtration

depth filtration

Depth Filtration

Our multilayer filter designs are able to capture larger particles on the surface and the finer ones throughout the media matrix. This results in a more effective filter and an increased lifetime of the filter.

filters made in america


Washable Filter

Wash, Don't Toss!



9500 Filter

MERV 16 filter - like an N95 mask for your home!


9500 (4 Pack)

Buy 3 Get 1 Free

Buy three 9500 filters, get one free!