Find out which HVAC Air Filter your home needs to thrive this summer.

Understanding our Weather to Understand our Air.

It is important to know the best HVAC air filter for your home this summer. As it heats up outside you’ll want to efficiently keep yourself and your home cool. If you are continuously running your air conditioning unit without finding out what the best option to use may cause damage your system. Obtaining this knowledge is a great way to keep your home cool and comfortable without stressing out your HVAC or Furnace system. The summer weather is known to leave more smoke, dust, soot, and other particulate pollutions lingering in the air. Some types air of pollution are worse when the atmosphere starts heating up in the summer.

Our weather is made up of air pressure, humidity, and temperature, this is what will affect the air quality around us. It has been scientifically proven that the outside air is less polluted than the air within our homes and buildings, even in the biggest, more industrialized cities. With research showing people spending 90 percent of their time indoors, the health risks grow greatly due to being exposed to the pollutants indoors vs outdoors. 

Indoor Vs Outdoor Air Pollution

Indoor vs Outdoor Air Pollution

The Filter For You

Knowing what air filter your home needs for the summer can keep your system working efficiently. The MERV rating: Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value, measures a filters ability to capture particles and remove them from the air. Higher MERV ratings can handle the smaller particles. Be cautious when wanting the highest MERV rating for your home. The High-efficiency filters can block airflow and damage your unit if you don’t choose carefully. 

Our Filti Recommendation

Proper ventilation in your home is known to reduce virus particles along with combating diseases from spreading. For Summers like these we would suggest that you are paying attention to retaining the best overall airflow and dust reduction when it comes to HVAC filters. With those the air flow and dust factors in mind, our recommendation would definitely be our 7500 Merv 13 series or our 6500 Merv 11 series.

If you really want to focus on your home’s dust reduction – Merv 13 Washable filters and Merv 16 9500 Series filters would be great options. Although, when it comes to the aspect of airflow, these happen to be a little more restrictive.

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