One of the best inventions in recent years is the development of nanofiber technology. It is starting to be utilized in the filters that are integrated into the HVAC systems that we use today. Nanofiber is capable of removing contaminants from the air that would otherwise cause problems with your system or even cause health issues. We at Filti provide top-of-the-line HVAC filtration using our patent-pending nanofiber technology. Our nanofiber technology is proven to provide cleaner air for everyone in the household. Here are some of the many benefits associated with using high-quality nanofiber technology air filters from Filti.


What Is Nanofiber?

This material is made of small fibers that are in the nanometer size range. They are developed from polymers, possessing similar properties to natural fibers. Some of the polymers that are used in nanofiber technology include keratin, gelatin, collagen, and also cellulose. There are even those that are made from silk that is extremely durable. There are different ways that nanofiber material can be made including self-assembly systems, electrospinning, and also different forms of template synthesis. 

And, technology has advanced how small these fibers can be which makes them highly efficient. There is a fine balance between the small fibers and allowing airflow to occur, all the while capturing particulate materials. 

Nanofiber Technology

Why New HVAC Systems Recommend Using Nanofiber Technology 

This material is used in many different types of HVAC systems because of its efficiency. It is possible to capture as much as 95% of the particulates, even if they are extremely small.  Our filters will save consumers a substantial amount of money with the efficiencies and health benefits that they provide.  This is advantageous as there are many family homes that will benefit from our products. More than ever before, people are searching for filtration systems that help to protect them from particulates that are harmful to your health.


Why Are More People Requesting Nanofiber Technology For Their HVAC System

Part of the reason to use a Filti filter is the efficiency level of our nanofiber technology. Allergies and asthma have become more prevalent in the United States.  Individuals that suffer from pollen-based allergies, asthma, or have other lung issues can benefit greatly. Standard filters cannot prevent all of the pollen from remaining in the air. Therefore, if you use an HVAC filter that is made specifically to help filter out these particles consistently, you can feel confident about the air that you will breathe.  It is also relatively inexpensive in comparison to using filters that are a one time use.


What does Nanofiber Technology Filter Out of The Air?

Filti nanofiber material can filter up to 95% of airborne particles in your home.  This includes allergens, bacteria, dust, pet dander, viruses, VOCs, sneeze nuclei, and so much more.  In enclosed areas, the quality of air should be kept as clean as possible. Whether you are in a homeowner or own a business office, our filters will help to keep the air in your space clean and fresh.  

Smog Vocs

Our filters have a MERV rating of 16 where standard filters have a MERV rating of 13 or lower. Filti 9500 is equivalent to n95 filters, yet the efficiency levels of our material are more efficient and affordable.  If you are using standard filters in your home, you will notice a large improvement in the air quality of your home by switching to Filti. 


Why Get Filti!

There’s no comparison that we can provide when it comes to the Filti filters.  Our nanofiber material is best in class.  And our products filter out more airborne particles better than any filter on the market.  Don’t believe us?  Give us a try! 


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