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9500 Home Filter

$39.98$119.99 or subscribe and save 10%

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The Filti Viro-Shield 9500 Series of filters deliver an unprecedented MERV 16 filtration rating for your home HVAC system. Poor air quality has been shown to trigger serious ailments like asthma, bronchitis, allergies and even Sick Building Syndrome. The most damaging particles are often among the smallest, so called “PM 2.5”, meaning they are 2.5 microns or less. Particles under this size are considered the most concerning because they can work themselves deeply into your lungs, and even into your bloodstream. Typical residential HVAC filters range from MERV 4 – MERV 8, are simply not capable of efficiently filtering harmful sub-micron particulate. Filti’s 9500 MERV 16 Viro-Shield offers the highest level of ASHRAE standard filtration, capturing at least 95% of particles at 0.3 micron, providing exceptionally clean indoor air quality.

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Upgrade your home to the best furnace and air filter, the ‘9500 Filter’. This furnace and whole-home air filter can capture up to 95% of airborne particles at 0.3 microns using revolutionary nanofiber filtering technology. This ensures to protect your family from viruses, bacteria, allergies, and VOCs, as well as sneeze nuclei. So breathe in clean, healthy air and enjoy a more comfortable home environment.

  • Improved Air Quality- The filter is highly efficient, with MERV 16 rating, and filters out airborne particulate matter that the average disposable filter does not. This is accomplished through the use of state-of-the-art nanofiber technology. Filtration on steroids. Inhale clean and healthy air.


  • Nanofiber Technology- Nanofiber captures ultrafine pollutants, and scrim acts as an additional reinforcement. An engineered melt-blown design with a 3-layer composition increases dust collection capacity.


  • 100% Made in the USA- Manufactured 100% in the United States.



●   MERV 16 Filtration Efficiency – Removes at least 95% of Airborne Particles at 0.3 microns, and even filters virus sized particles, keeping your home air free from the smallest contaminates

●   Captures the full range of indoor air pollutants from pet dander and allergens to bacteria and even virus sized particulates.

●   Filti Air filters are made in the USA – Always

●   Hybrid Fiber Technology-Provides both Mechanical and Electrostatic Filtration mechanisms ensuring excellent air flow, low energy consumption, and long life

●   Provides exceptionally low airflow restriction in existing home HVAC systems. Filti’s unique CNC mini pleated construction maximizes the filter media area permitting long filter life and low flow restriction. 

●   Easily filters small allergens that can be missed by low efficiency AC filters

●   A suitable drop in replacement for standard HVAC air filter systems – just select your size and swap!

●   Supportive glue beads ensure Filti’s 9500 will maintain a rigid shape with optimum pleat geometry, it won’t fold and collapse like cheaply constructed furnace filters.


Is MERV 16 too restrictive for standard HVAC systems today? Many will expect this may be the case, but our advanced MERV 16 air filters are engineered for maximum efficiency with minimum pressure drop, oftentimes operating at lower restriction than much less efficient air filters. This is accomplished through state of the art engineering found in our Hybrid Fiber Technology, along with CNC mini pleating to maximize filtration area and aerodynamic pleat geometry. 



  • Filti MERV 16-Viroshield replaceable air filter captures the full range of indoor air pollutants from pet dander and allergens to bacteria.
  • Highly efficient MERV 16: An unparalleled choice for your home if you have allergies, asthma or other respiratory related sensitivities.
  • Made with 100% synthetic recyclable materials, helping our environment stay clean while providing superior air quality.
  • Sturdy beverage board frames & reinforced pleat construction ensures long life and continued performance. Recommended 90 days or 3 month change cycle.
  • 100% MADE IN AMERICA. Manufactured in Oklahoma.

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26 reviews for 9500 Home Filter

  1. Avatar Of Calvin Gene

    Calvin Gene

    These filters work great!! Price was great and they arrived fast!

  2. Avatar Of Nancy


    I feel like this filter kept our home air pretty pollen free.

  3. Avatar Of Andreas


    These Pleated Home Air Filter with Nanofiber Technology are very effective. The price is much more economical than other comparable filters. Hence, I recommend them!

  4. Avatar Of Betsy


    These filters are well worth the price, as they literally filter everything that flies through your ductwork, including viruses, mold spores, dust, and mites!

  5. Avatar Of Megan


    High quality, made in the USA. This is a staple product must buy!

  6. Avatar Of Roger


    I’m never buying a filter from the hardware store again. These are just as good at the top dollar filter at the hardware store but you get a few of them!

  7. Avatar Of Claire W

    Claire W

    With this filter, it seems to be doing the trick for me and helping provide myself more comfort within my home! It’s awesome that just a change in my air filter could make such a big difference with my allergies and sleep quality.

  8. Avatar Of Angela R

    Angela R

    Easy to install. Fit very well into place.

  9. Avatar Of Justin Zulk

    Justin Zulk

    Just as good for less money. These keep the cost down for the same MERV as more expensive ones.

  10. Avatar Of Stan S

    Stan S

    Looks sturdy and fits great.

  11. Avatar Of Maria Hernandez

    Maria Hernandez

    Asthma and allergies were solved with this filter. so greatful

  12. Avatar Of Rhonda Banes

    Rhonda Banes

    These arrive quickly and do the work of the more expensive ones.

  13. Avatar Of Briana Thomas

    Briana Thomas

    These filters do a great job. The high merv rating is awesome.

  14. Avatar Of Edward Lin

    Edward Lin

    Would recommend buying these. Best ever I change out every 3 months

  15. Avatar Of Rupert Naniom

    Rupert Naniom

    Good sturdy filter with high filtration. Needed it for dust and pet dander.

  16. Avatar Of Tori Estrada

    Tori Estrada

    It is filtering out more dust than the other more popular and more expensive brand.

  17. Avatar Of Chelsea


    I’m not going back to the store bought filters any time soon

  18. Avatar Of Cj Emmerson

    CJ Emmerson

    Filti does such a good job on these

  19. Avatar Of Peyton Aplin

    Peyton Aplin

    My family has much less allergy symptoms with these filters

  20. Avatar Of Jordan Weinberger

    Jordan Weinberger

    Wow, these filters really work

  21. Avatar Of Anthony Lewis

    Anthony Lewis

    I’m a big fan of these filters, the high MERV is totally worth it

  22. Avatar Of Eden Hendricks

    Eden Hendricks

    I’m really impressed with Filti!

  23. Avatar Of Rayna Mccoy

    Rayna Mccoy

    These are great filters

  24. Avatar Of Alina Vega

    Alina Vega

    I haven’t found filters that match Filti quality

  25. Avatar Of Mckinley Little

    Mckinley Little

    They shipped quick

  26. Avatar Of Ally Aguilar

    Ally Aguilar

    I’m very satisfied

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