Dust Collector Filter


  • Replacement Dust Collection Filter for Donaldson, Clark, AAF, TDC
  • 100% Made In USA
  • 245 SQ FT of Fire Retardant Cellulose/Polyester Blended Media
  • Quantity Discounts Available
  • Filter Dims: 26″ Tall 13.84″ OD 9.48″ ID Open/Open


100% mechanical filtration technology. A pulse filter must maintain filtration performance mechanically. Which means the filter media and efficiency layers must perform before and after it is mechanically cleaned. Zero use of electro-static and the stable two-dimensional nano layer ensures optimized filtration efficiency. In reality the “as new” filter will be the lowest efficiency the filter will operate at during functional life. Nanofibers have been a popular upgrade for many varieties of filtration products for more than two decades. They exhibit certain The exhibit special properties such as an extremely high surface to weight ratio compared to the fibers of conventional non-wovens. The low density, large surface area to mass, high pore volume, and tight pore size make the nano fiber non-woven appropriate for a wide variety of filtration applications. However, nanofiber technology does differ from one supplier to another. With a wide variety of performance and durability differences not seen until after the filters are in service. Durable Media. Spun Bond polyester media is made with rigid continuous fibers that yield up to 3-4x the strength of traditional paper media. Engineered to withstand over 100,000 cleaning pulses ranging from 70 – 95 psi. The Polyester spun bond media is designed to perform resisting abrasion and wear throughout its lifetime caused by pulse cleaning. Surface filtration technology. To maximize long term operating performance a filter must be designed with optimized surface filtration. The combination of a polyester subtrate and nanofibers incorporates the high efficiency, two-dimensional surface that ensures the dust does not penetrate the nanofiber surface. This in turn provides maximum dust release during pulsing and lowest operating pressure drop over the life of the filter. It is critical the base media remains clean and free.

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12.75 x 8.38 x 26 – 80/20 FR – Open/Closed, 12.75 x 8.38 x 26 – Nano FR – Open/Closed, 13.84 x 9.48 x 26 – 80/20 FR – Open/Open, 13.84 x 9.48 x 26 – Nano FR – Open/Open, 14.4 x 11.4 x 26 (Oval) – 80/20 FR – Open/Open, 14.4 x 11.4 x 26 (Oval) – Nano FR – Open/Open


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