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Mask Material

Filti Face Mask Material is constructed using our patent-pending Nanofiber technology which is designed to safeguard you and your family from several airborne particles including bacteria and viruses. Material is currently available in 21, 107 and 215 sq. ft sheets.

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Filti’s Face Mask Material is engineered using our patent-pending Nanofiber technology and is highly-efficient (up to 95%) on sub-micron particles, including bacteria and viruses.

For material specifications, see the Filti Face Mask Material Data Sheet

Third-party testing results: BFE and PFE final reports.



DISCLAIMER: Filti makes no warranties, either express or implied that this material or masks made from it, prevent infection or the transmission of viruses or diseases. Do not use this material in any setting or where significant exposure to liquid, bodily or other hazardous fluids, may be expected. Do not use this in settings where the infection risk level through inhalation exposure is high. Do not use this material in the presence of an open flame, heat source or flammable gases or liquids. All data contained above is nominal and provided for information purpose only. This data is not to be construed as manufacturing specifications and is subject to change. Filti does not guarantee the performance of this material in a face mask or the performance or masks made from it. Filti Face Mask Material is not a substitute for medical treatment or medical devises.


Additional information

Weight 0.5 lbs
Dimensions N/A

21sq ft – 50-80 masks, 107sq ft – 250-400 masks, 215sq ft – 500-800 masks


White, Green

12 reviews for Mask Material

  1. Arica R (verified owner)

    I’d done some online research on the testing of mask filter options and Filti popped up a few times with positive results. I bought the white Filti fabric and made patterns for my mask size and my sons. You could just cut a flat piece, or buy the pre-cut inserts or Filti masks, but I wanted to fit the curves of our hand sewn fitted masks. The Filti material is easy to sew by hand or machine. I fold the sewn filters in half, and pull through the the mask with a large safety pin. It’s been working well, and I feel better knowing there is extra protection in our masks. This time I’m going to buy the green fabric which makes it easier to tell the outward facing side of the filter material from the inward facing side.

  2. Arly (verified owner)

    I have used this fabric for inserts for our extended family of all shapes and sizes. Having the ability to cut the fabric to insert into the different masks made for everybody is invaluable. It’s been working very well so far, and I am secure in knowing I’m doing the best I can for all of us in these times.
    Once cut, the insert is very easy to fit inside the pocket with almost any sewing tool to avoid overhandling.
    If I do need to order again, it will be the green fabric, as that makes it easier for everyone to know which side should face out.

  3. Pamela Federman (verified owner)

    This material is top notch for use as an insertable filter inside a fabric mask with a pocket. Cut to fit – first make a paper pattern of the sewn edges of the pocket (which should encompass all areas of the mask through which you can breathe – or buy another mask). Then trace the pattern many times on the fabric, and cut.

    We tested this fabric, on its own (not inside a mask pocket):

    1. It holds water longer than 2 minutes (we stopped the test at that point) – with no drips at all, and not even tiny drops on the underside.

    2. We can’t blow out or even move a flame through it, and

    3. We can’t smell most smells (lemon, mint, rosemary, smoke) through it.

  4. charlotte bell (verified owner)

    I have been using filti material since the pandemic started. I make a cup style mask that everyone loves. You can breathe and talk through a filti mask. Plus I give each person one of filtis descriptions about N95 with their mask. I also use it as a liner for fancy masks. I purchase lovely breathable material line it with filti and people have a pretty mask that is also a N95. I appreciate that fact that it is made here in the USA as well.
    Love this material

  5. Nancy K Neuman

    I am SO EXCITED to have found Filti face masks!
    They are very comfortable to wear, no pulling on the ears or slipping down past the nose.
    The air flow is incredible too, I do not have the “panic” that I have experienced with other face masks!
    I am in customer service and am much more confident in my job performance! I am not busy struggling with my mask during customer interactions and the communication seems much smoother.
    Thank you Filti!!!

  6. Elaine Schiff (verified owner)

    My sister and I have been sewing masks since February, for our families, friends, and others to help; in different sizes as needed – small to large sizes.
    A few weeks ago, my sister sent me some masks, including some FILTI material inserts she had cut from the FILTI material by-the-yards.
    FILTI is exactly the quality of this fabric I have been looking for!
    The quality is excellent, for safety, quality, and flexibility.
    All of my questions and help were carefully and quickly handled – thank you FILTI!!!

  7. Barbara H (verified owner)

    My whole family uses the FILTI inserts, which we cut out ourselves from the rolls. I prepared packages of them before the kids went back to college. We started in April, after I had done some research on melt-blown and polypropylene fabrics. In this crazy COVID time, I feel good knowing that we have FILTI to help protect us. FILTI, we will continue to buy from you, as long as we need to keep ourselves safe. I also sent a batch to Europe, to my dad. THANK YOU!!!

  8. Ronne Robinson (verified owner)

    I have been purchasing Filti material since April & the level of confidence that I have in your product is 1000%!!!
    I have been cutting filter inserts for the cotton masks that I make & provide to my family – I have no doubts in my mind that Filti material is outstanding protection against Covid & I will continue to protect my children, my grandchildren & myself, with absolute surety that Filti will help keep us safe!!!
    This company also has the most outstanding customer service that I have ever encountered!

  9. Lori Hill (verified owner)

    I have been sewing Filti in all of the masks I make for my family, friends, and co-workers. It is durable, easy to sew, easy to breathe through, and makes comfortable masks. I am very thankful to have found this product.

  10. Ericka Mays (verified owner)

    This is the best product for these times. The people are lovely to work with and very helpful and the site is easy to navigate. They make it very easy to buy. This is my 3rd or 4th order for filter material for our masks and we’ll always come back.

  11. Billi Waag

    Really enjoyed your site. Thank you for writing this. You have a lifetime fan.

  12. Sheila G (verified owner)

    I’ve ordered 2 times from Filti to make pleated masks for family and friends. This material is by far the best for pleated masks! The SPECS provide me with the satisfaction the masks provide added safety over cotton masks. The material sewn as a pleated mask weighs less than an ounce, so they are comfortable to wear. I feel confident being in public with the Filti material for my masks.

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