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The ‘Washable Air Filter’ is the ultimate room air purifier designed for better air quality. Using NanoFiber technology, it helps remove 75% of airborne particles at 0.3 micron, such as pollen, allergens, and dust. The filter is also washable and reusable so that you can breathe fresh, healthy air for an extended period.

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  • Improved Air Quality- The filter is highly efficient, with MERV 13 rating, and filters out airborne particulate matter that the average disposable filter does not. This is accomplished through the use of state-of-the-art nanofiber technology. Inhale clean and healthy air.
  • Nanofiber Technology- Nanofiber captures ultrafine pollutants, and scrim acts as an additional reinforcement. An engineered melt-blown design with a 3-layer composition increases dust collection capacity.
  • Save Landfills- Reduce the amount of waste you contribute to landfills by 16x than an average homeowner. 
  • Cost-Effective- The washable filters may help you save up to $100 annually or more than $1,000 over ten years. It’s as simple as “Rinse, Reuse, Repeat!”.
  • Layer 1: Meltblown designed to capture larger particulate matter and engineered for increased dust holding capacity. 
  • Layer 2: Patent Pending nanofiber technology capturing the smallest particles and ultra fine pollutants.
  • Layer 3: Scrim that acts as a supporting layer for the nanofiber for additional reinforcement                

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Weight 3 lbs
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1 ct, 2 ct

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24 reviews for Filti Washable Filter

  1. Avatar Of Jennifer Knop

    Jennifer Knop

    This seems to be well made and solid and it fits my HVAC perfectly, replacing the usual 20×20 disposable filter.

  2. Avatar Of Bryan Krazynski

    Bryan Krazynski

    This is a great filter, with a merv 13 rating, which captures most everything very well. What makes this a better filter is that you can wash it and reuse it.

  3. Avatar Of Mira T

    Mira T

    Loved it being reusable and easy to install.

  4. Avatar Of Tim Engle

    Tim Engle

    I don’t know how many washings this filter will handle but so far it has no signs of breakdown and is doing a great job of filtering our air. In the summer time, our fan is running practically full time so it’s great to have a reusable filter that can be washed every couple of months or as needed.

  5. Avatar Of Correy F

    Correy F

    What a deal! This filter has been a game changer.

  6. Avatar Of Kaite


    Filter is really high quality. Been using it for months and still works like new.

  7. Avatar Of Sam Gonzales

    Sam Gonzales

    Fits perfectly in place, noise deadened, works great.

  8. Avatar Of Lina Schultz

    Lina Schultz

    Great product. My seasonal allergies are greatly improved. I hope not to need it for smoke, but feel more prepared if the air quality becomes an issue.

  9. Avatar Of Eli Thompson

    Eli Thompson

    My new year’s resolution was to be more green this year and I started with this washable filter. Would recommend, I’ve been using it for months already.

  10. Avatar Of Jerry G

    Jerry G

    Great for fire season where I live in California. I feel much better about my family’s health when I have this filter.

  11. Avatar Of Arria H

    Arria H

    This is great, I’m set for filters for a while!

  12. Avatar Of Arnie I

    Arnie I

    For someone who changes their filter a lot, this is a life saver

  13. Avatar Of Courtney Givins

    Courtney Givins

    Can’t recommend this enough

  14. Avatar Of Laura Griner

    Laura Griner

    The shipping was fast, great value

  15. Avatar Of Nikki Coehen

    Nikki Coehen

    I wasn’t so sure at first but I grew to really like this filter

  16. Avatar Of Renee Vandervelde

    Renee Vandervelde

    This saves me so much money

  17. Avatar Of Corey Fritz

    Corey Fritz

    I like what this filter does for my budget!

  18. Avatar Of Heather Pat

    Heather Pat

    Thanks for the eco-friendly option!

  19. Avatar Of Josh Larson

    Josh Larson

    An easy switch to make for the planet

  20. Avatar Of Bernard Horn

    Bernard Horn

    I always buy my filters here

  21. Avatar Of Rohan Whitaker

    Rohan Whitaker

    Only buying my filters from Filti from now on

  22. Avatar Of Reginald Estes

    Reginald Estes

    These filters are really worth it

  23. Avatar Of Alison Le

    Alison Le

    I can’t believe how well these filters work!

  24. Avatar Of Deon Sutton

    Deon Sutton

    Super high quality filters

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