Filti Washable Filter

The ‘Washable Air Filter’ is the ultimate room air purifier designed for better air quality. Using NanoFiber technology, it helps remove 75% of airborne particles at 0.3 micron, such as pollen, allergens, and dust. The filter is also washable and reusable so that you can breathe fresh, healthy air for an extended period.

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  • Improved Air Quality- The filter is highly efficient, with MERV 13 rating, and filters out airborne particulate matter that the average disposable filter does not. This is accomplished through the use of state-of-the-art nanofiber technology. Inhale clean and healthy air.
  • Nanofiber Technology- Nanofiber captures ultrafine pollutants, and scrim acts as an additional reinforcement. An engineered melt-blown design with a 3-layer composition increases dust collection capacity.
  • Save Landfills- Reduce the amount of waste you contribute to landfills by 16x than an average homeowner. 
  • Cost-Effective- The washable filters may help you save up to $100 annually or more than $1,000 over ten years. It’s as simple as “Rinse, Reuse, Repeat!”.
  • Layer 1: Meltblown designed to capture larger particulate matter and engineered for increased dust holding capacity. 
  • Layer 2: Patent Pending nanofiber technology capturing the smallest particles and ultra fine pollutants.
  • Layer 3: Scrim that acts as a supporting layer for the nanofiber for additional reinforcement                

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Weight 3 lbs
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1 ct, 2 ct

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