MERV 16 V-Bank Filter


  • Up to 75% in Pressure Drop compared to competitors filters.
  • MERV 16 Efficiency – Hybrid Fiber Technology
  • Ultra durable 100% synthetic media will not puncture or damage easily like inferior glass products.
  • 30% reduced in operating costs per year compared to alternate filters.
  • Engineered to provide maximum performance and prolonged filter lifecycles.


Filti’s Elite V-16 delivers unparalleled efficiency with no compromise on energy consumption. That means savings that are more than the cost of the filter? Yes! We think that’s pretty great. The Elite V-16 features the latest in synthetic media technology, with vastly improved durability compared to antiquated glass media. The fibers continuous nature means there is no concern of shedding or off gassing from resin binding systems. Further the polymers used are inherently hydrophobic so high humidity environment or intermittent exposure to moisture will not lead to filter failure. The Hybrid Fiber Technology generates efficiencies on sub-micron particles that simply cannot be matched by glass fiber filters. Research is beginning to demonstrate the serious health concerns posed by these invisible particles and in modern, urban environments they happen to constitute the majority of airborne particles by count.

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24x24x12 – Synthetic – Merv 16, 12x24x12 Synthetic – Merv 16


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