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NF95 Respirator

Enjoy a better quality of air no matter where you go with the ‘NF95 Respirator’ Mask. The Nanofiber filtering technology helps protect your respiratory system from harmful airborne particles, including bacteria and viruses. Featuring unbeatable comfort, exceptional seal, and exceptional breathability, the masks allow you to breathe clean, healthy air wherever you are.

$29.97$89.77 or subscribe and save 10%



What’s Included:
10, 20, or 50 Filti NF95 Respirators (Pre-Certified)

Benefits of the NF95

  • Highly Filtered- This filter removes approximately 97% of dust, PM 2.5, haze, smoke, and automobile exhaust. The perfect gift for families, office workers, and warehouse workers.
  • Breathable and Comfortable- Adjustable nose clips and high-elastic ear loop provide a comfortable fit without straining the ears. Foldable and lightweight, it covers the mouth, nose, and chin with ease. It makes a tight seal, preventing glasses from fogging.
  • Secure and Latex-free- Features incredibly soft and durable latex-free headband straps as well as an adjustable metal nose piece for a tight yet comfortable fit. 
  • Multi-functional- The dust mask effectively filters out 99 percent of exhaust, dust, chemicals, particles, pollen, smoke, and fumes. It is suitable for pollen allergies who engage in woodworking, painting, mowing, cycling, hiking, and other outdoor activities.


Using our patent pending Nanofiber technology, Filti NF95 Respirators (Pre-Certified) offer:

  • Greater than 95% filtration efficiency of 0.3 microns
  • Ultra low inhalation & exhalation resistance
  • Fluid resistant 160 mmHg
  • Flammability Rating Class I
  • 3-panel, flat fold style

Don’t just take it from us! Check out 3rd party testing from APIS Consulting LLC. Filti NF95 Filtration Efficiency

photo of Filiti mask insert


For material specifications, see the Filti NF95 Respirator Technical Data Sheet.

Additional information

Weight 0.4 lbs
Dimensions 8.5 × 12 in

10 ct, 20 ct, 50 ct


White, Blue, Black, White-Green, Black-Green

Bulk Orders

For orders over 400, please fill out this form or contact our sales department at sales@filti.com

27 reviews for NF95 Respirator

  1. Amy H (verified owner)

    This is my new go-to mask, and I plan to wear these from here on out. I love how fully and securely it covers my face, and yet is still perfectly breathable, even for hours at a time. The ear loops are soft enough to wear all day without irritation although they are slightly big for me so I tie a small knot on each side and it’s perfect.

  2. Dale Ruffatto (verified owner)

    These will be the last masks I buy! They are PERFECT and you just can’t do better than these for protection. Totally comfortable and breathable. The ear loops are just a smidge long for me, so I tie a small knot. Only suggestion (or wish) is that they could be made in a couple of less medical looking colors. Perhaps navy, grey, black, green? However, they are fantastic no matter the color!!!!!

  3. Michelle Valdez (verified owner)

    Best mask around. My entire family wears these. This mask fits my husband, two children and myself. It feels secure and comfortable. I recommend this to everyone. My extended family is joining the Filti family.

  4. Claire Meitl (verified owner)

    I have been buying these filters for use in my homemade face masks over the past year. I trust the science behind them and feel that I am totally protecting my family. Now I am adding the face mask to send to my children in and out of state. They are comfortable and they fit exceptionally well — tight and secure. For those who feel the ear loops are too long, I can add tighteners to the ends to ensure a tight fit. My children and grandchildren add their endorsements … both the filters and the masks are easy to breath through and they wear them!.

  5. Lisa-Ann Fleig (verified owner)

    I only wear this mask now. The fit is perfect around my face and still breathable. The ear loops are comfortable. Most importantly I feel more protected than with any other mask I’ve worn.

  6. Bill Perry (verified owner)

    I can’t say enough how much my whole family loves these masks. They’re comfortable to wear and they afford great coverage. My kids say that these are the most comfortable masks that they’ve tried. I keep sharing your website with friends and family.. Thanks for making such a great product. Ordering more today!

  7. Merrilee Suhr (verified owner)

    The masks are comfortable and breathable & there are no gaps. I tie a small knot in each string for a tighter fit as another reviewer suggested. I, also, buy the filter material and insert it in the cloth masks I’ve made.
    The customer service is excellent as well & the prices are reasonable. I was so glad to find this company when masks were in short supply last year.

  8. Ruth Hayden (verified owner)

    This mask is exceptionally well fitted and breathable, the nanotechnology and certification make this the only mask I now wear. Early in the co-vid pandemic when masks were especially hard to find, I made hundreds of masks from cotton fabrics with an interior non-woven lining – the best we could do at the time. It was a great relief to find Filti’s filter material and from quite a while I incorporated it in my masks, giving much more confidence in the masks effectiveness. Now, with the NF95 Respirator I refer all my family and friends to the Filti website so they can purchase these masks.

  9. Debra Dick (verified owner)

    I have purchased mask insert material,surgical masks and the N95. They are wonderfully made and comfortable for hours. I recommend them to everyone.

  10. Christine Mecutchen (verified owner)

    Great authentic mask! I just wrote the company to let them know I thought this mask was a tad larger than others I have bought, however, I just saw a review on your site that mentioned tying a small knot on the ear loops… and that solved the problem. I think this is a good size because other masks we’ve had were too small for the men in my home. This seems to fit everyone and for those that need a bit snugger of a fit, tie the loops as suggested.

  11. Terry

    The BEST mask! I have tried dozens of masks, spent hundreds of dollars, and these are by far the best. They fit my face perfectly, which is where so many other masks fail. From the notch on the nose piece, to the v cut out on sides, all things that help create a snug and secure fit. I tie a knot in straps because I have smaller face, or I use a mask strap behind my head. They are easy to breathe while wearing, even long hours. I love they are made is USA so I know I’m getting quality masks without the risk of counterfeits.

  12. Rachel Ison (verified owner)

    I’ve made 100s of masks using the Filti material, so glad I found out about them from a YouTube video! Now these new masks make life safer and are so convenient. I trust the material and the Filti company, they were there when no one else was there for us. Plus they were kind enough not to greedy with their prices. I feel that dealing with this company was fair and a win win for all. Thank you so much for stepping up, we are grateful.

  13. Sharon Clark (verified owner)

    I started making masks about a year ago using multiple layers of fabric as was recommended. While searching for mask designs, I came across information about the Filti material. I encorporated it into my mask making, giving over 300 masks to family, friends and neighbors. I purchased a 10 pack of these masks and find the fit to be excellent and the only mask I can wear and not have my glasses fog up. This is the only mask I will purchase because it fits great and with the nano-technology of the material, I feel confident in my safety and the safety of my family.

  14. mhmccord (verified owner)

    For a year, I have been making masks for my family using the Filti fabric. My masks fit well and are the only ones we’ve been wearing. But these Filti masks are even better! I only ordered 10 the first time because I assumed that the one size would only fit my husband and son. Purchased masks are always too big for me and for my daughter and granddaughters. But these fit me, and without pushing my glasses up! The fit is amazing, what a clever design! I just ordered more! Now I can stop making them!

  15. Anna Danieli

    I can not express enough how I appreciate this company. It offered a great product and It was fair and responsible, when nobody was there for us. I used filti wrap material to make masks. Now I am getting your masks for teachers in my kids school district. I will be a client for life.

  16. Christine OGrady (verified owner)

    I started using the Filti material to make my own masks last year. I just ordered these are they are excellent, better than anything I could have made! I have a very small face and tying a knot in the straps works very well. I am so happy to see a company like Filti, dropping everything, to make products so our world can be a better and safer place. They make a high quality product at a very fair price and as a high-risk individual, I really appreciate everything they have done to help me stay protected.

  17. Melly (verified owner)

    This mask is SO much easier to wear than a cloth one that gets sucked into your mouth every time you breathe or talk! I recently had to take a business trip where I had to speak to a class full of people. I was concerned about being able to project clearly through a mask, but since this one has space between your lips and mask, I had very little difficulty being understood. I felt confident in the mask protection (the filter itself and the sleek fit to my face that also cups my chin.) The loops were too long, but tying a small knot at the back to shorten them, using an extender to fasten them behind my head to give my ears a break and using small cord adjusters were all options I alternated. I guess the biggest difficulty I encountered was raising the mask just enough to eat or drink for a moment, because it is so well-fitted to your face. For the protection and comfort they provided? I dealt with it. Drank my coffee before class, stepped outside to eat my protein bar on break and sipped water intermittently throughout the day when both hands were free to readjust the mask quickly. I felt good about both protecting others and myself in a pretty high risk environment. They’re super lightweight and since they pack flat, they were easy to travel with and I didn’t bring home dirty masks. Great solution!

  18. Mnp

    Love the mask. No more gap on the sides.

  19. Marie Perez

    My friend gave me one of these masks to try when teaching intense group fitness classes. They are AMAZING! I do not suck them in when talking with an elevated heart rate, they keep the moisture off of my face and stay put when jumping around. I am so excited to order them for myself and share them with my class!

  20. Lori (verified owner)

    These are the most comfortable masks I’ve tried, and I feel like they fit a variety of faces well. Both my husband and my 11 year old get a good fit. Like others said, a small knot in each ear strap is needed for smaller sizes. I love that they don’t have as much of an odor as my other disposable masks.

  21. Carol (verified owner)

    These are wonderful!!! No gaps,, easy to breathe, my glasses fit good on the top so no fogging and they are made in the USA!!! I will keep purchasing these!! But, I wish it was possible to purchase the blue ones in 50-count packages.

  22. Lorraine (verified owner)

    I first purchased the sheets of filter material to go into the masks I have sewn. When these became available, I thought I would try them, and I am so glad that I did. These are the most comfortable, most breathable masks we have. With the product sheet, we are confident of the testing they have done. The boxed out design makes these the most breathable masks, and the fit is perfect on a wide range of face sizes and shapes. We are using our cloth masks for everyday with the filti fabric inserts, and use these when we will be wearing masks for a long period of time. Thank you for a superb product.

  23. Sherri (verified owner)

    I’ve tried several brands of masks and none fit as well as the Filti . I have a rather small face and have had a hard time getting other masks to make a seal around my face. I don’t have this issue with Filti. I also feel more confident knowing these are made in the USA by a a company with experience in the filter industry. I just wish there was a head strap as an option. My ears get very sore after wearing the mask for more than an hour.

  24. Norma Johnson (verified owner)

    I think this is the best mask anyone could have.I tried another brand that is supposed to be n95 but I came back to filti because I’ve been with this Co. For a long time and I trust their science and I feel safe. They’re a lot of fa ke n95s out there do your research you’ll find these are the best masks.

  25. Dru Thomas (verified owner)

    I ordered the NF95s in white when they were first released. Since then I’ve ordered more white ones and a package of the black ones. These masks are terrific. There are so light weight, much more breathable, comfortable on the face with an excellent, smooth and secure fit on the sides, the nose piece and the chin. I really like the design that stands away from your mouth and nose and makes talking and being heard much easier. They fit so well that my glasses don’t fog when I wear them. My husband loves them too. He has a beard and these fit more securely under his chin and over much of his beard than any other disposable or cloth mask he has tried. These masks also don’t hurt my ears as some of the cloth masks do. These are definitely my favorite masks and the masks I feel are the safest option. I’m grateful to Filti for designing and manufacturing the NF95.

  26. ROBERT NELSON (verified owner)

    My wife and I have been wearing these for more than a year and feel way more confident about going out into public, and can breathe better when we do.. The masks seal so well all the way around that its noticeable to passers by. Several times we were stared at and then approached and were asked where did we get the excellent masks. I imagined that some people don’t have the nerve to approach and ask, so I printed out and glued on a small blue Filti.com label near the chin area. Glad to help.

  27. Beverly Johnson

    I’ve seen others with this mask and it seemed like it looked very comfortable I wanted to try it. So I found it online and ordered 10, just to check them out. I was ecstatic because it actually fit my face and it was so easy to breathe through but seems to provide a good seal over my nose and mouth. I immediately went to the manufactures website to order a larger supply. I thought after the vaccines we were done with masks but obviously that’s not the case. So until we don’t need to wear mask anymore, this will be the only one I wear going forward.

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