Property Management

Own or operate a property or building management company?

Whether you need an indoor air filter for a commercial or residential property, the knowledgeable and experienced staff at Filti will be able to assist you. 

Rental markets today are trending toward greater simplicity and convenience overall. Younger renters, for example, typically expect air filter replacement to be handled for them by their landlord. Renters are less likely to remember to change their air filters than homeowners. 

The Filti Sales department helps landlords and property managers keep up with routine filter replacements by setting up easy-to-manage subscriptions for their properties and units, ensuring the right size replacement filters are delivered on time to each address. By ordering the correct size, easy-to-install filter, households won’t forget to replace their filters when the filter shows up routinely on their doorstep.

Learn more about FIlti’s Property Management Program by contacting us today!