Real Estate Professional Programs

Offer your clients a real gift for their home and breathe new life into their lives. You can thank someone with a subscription to the Filti’s Subscription Program, or gift them one of our Washable Merv 13 Filters. When they replace or wash their filters and are breathing cleaner, healthier air in the new home you helped them with, who will they remember? Your clients want clean air, not fruit baskets!

Using’s Subscription Program for Real Estate Professionals, we can send your valued clients a case of filters for their new home. Your clients will not have to remember the filter, making their lives easier. Additionally, you’re providing them with a gift that helps them protect one of the most important systems in their home, lower their energy bills, and breathe cleaner air indoors.

How it Works

Determine the dimensions of the air filters your client has. Tip: Do it during the home inspection. Your special pricing can be found by logging in to your account we create for you. Enter your client’s filter size and shipping address (or have it shipped to your office so that you can deliver it yourself). The option of purchasing by credit card will also be available during checkout.

Many Options, Multi-Client Plans Available

Filter types and levels of filtration can be selected to meet a specific budget. Several plan options are available, with a bigger discount if you have more clients! We designed this program to meet the needs of Realtors, brokers and real estate agents. We are not leaving you out, however. Let us know if you think this program would be a good fit for your business. Make sure to ask about our Multi-Client discount when you contact our specialists.

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